About Us

From Carriages to Advanced Technology

The roots of our family company Diniz Holding has always come from manufacturing. Mr.Talat Diniz the oldest of seven brothers have undertaken the leadership of both the family and the Holding. By the 1930s, carriages built by their father Mr. Ferhat Diniz were well-known in all Anatolia to the point that they were even mentioned in the novels of the famous Turkish author Yasar Kemal. Mr. Talat Diniz founded SKT, the first company of Diniz Holding, in 1955 with two of his friends, and SKT became the first manufacturer of electric motors and oil seals in Turkey. In the following years, SKT has become a family-partnership of seven brothers and the leading brand of oil seals in Turkey.

During the same period production of interior parts for the automotive industry such as seats, door panels, and sunvisors started. With Martaş, Diniz Holding entered food , and with Diniz Yapı to construction and service sectors. Diniz Holding has continued to grow by establishing joint ventures with international companies since the early1990’s and strengthened its position in the automotive industry.

With our 12 companies and over 3000 employees, we continue our industrial expedition, which started with manufacturing of carriages, using advanced technology. 100% customer satisfaction, quality, and ethical values have and always will be our priority.