SKT A.Ş, Diniz Holding’s very first company was established in the center of Bursa. The company name comes from the first letters of its founders Süleyman Beltan,Kemal Çoşkunöz and Talat Diniz.


SKT became the first to manufacture oil seals and electric motors in Turkey in its first premises. The activity continued here until the company moved to Bursa Industrial Zone on August 1, 1967.

1968SKT started to manufacture front seat slides for TOFAŞ.
SKT Auto Interiors, SKT’s second plant, started manufacturing seat covers, door panels, sunvisors, and headliners for OYAK RENAULT as well as front seat slides, sunvisors, and door panels for TOFAŞ.
logo DİNİZ HOLDİNG was founded as the headquarters for financial, adminstrative, and strategic management of the group companies.
diniz_yapiSKT became a 100% Diniz family company.
diniz_yapiWith the foundation of DİNİZ YAPI, Diniz Holding entered into the construction business. Diniz Yapı has taken the lead in the construction of Diniz Holding’s production plants and Pembe Çarşı, the first shopping mall in Bursa.
1984With the acquisition of MARTAŞ, food sector became an important function of the Diniz Holding. Folllowing the exit from the cold logistic and fresh fruit and vegetable storage businesses, MARTAŞ changed its focus to frozen fruit and vegetable production and storage in 1988.
CUM_3739DÖPERTEKS was established in Bursa to produce fabrics for automotive industry. In the following years home textiles became another bussiness of the company.. In the same year, SKT started producing complete seats for Oyak Renault in its second production plant.
CUM_3432 ELELE was founded by DİNİZ HOLDİNG, IDAŞ, and Mr.Rüştü Yılmaz and started producing foams for car seats in İnegöl Industrial Zone.
DİNİZ SIGORTA was founded as an insurance agency.
CUM_3602OTOTRIM was founded as a joint-venture of Grupo Antolin, Pianfei, and Diniz Holding to manufacture and just-in-time deliver interior auto-parts such as headliners, door panels, window mechanisims, and sunvisors.
CUM_3278OTOTRIM took over the responsibility of the interior part productions such as door panels,sun visors and headliners from SKT. Roth Freres of France have joined forces with Diniz Holding to produce complete seats for cars. The name SKT Auto Interiors was changed to Major SKT Auto Interiors.
CUM_3690Due to took over of shares of ROTHFRERES by JOHNSON CONTROLS , MSKT ‘s new partner became JOHSON CONTROLS. Johnson Controls (JCI) became the new partner of Major SKT following the acquisition of Roth Freres by JCI.
Bursa’s first shopping mall PEMBE ÇARŞI was opened.
MARTAŞ YEMEK SANAYI was founded as a food and catering company.
CUM_3645Diniz Holding and Treves (FR) founded TREDIN as a joint-venture, with the objective of producing and just in time delivering seat headrests for the automotive industry.
MARSAL A.Ş was founded in Kemalpaşa, Bursa to produce tomato paste.
ELELE moved from İnegöl Industrial Zone to its new premises in Bursa Industrial Zone.
Diniz Holding and Michel Thierry (FR) became partners in THIERRY DINIZ to produce fabrics for the automotive industry.
OTOTRIM’s plastic injection plant started to operate.
Following the JCI acquisition of Michel Thierry, JCI and DINIZ HOLDING became partners in THIERRY DINIZ.